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Originally Posted by Dirty Water View Post
Also, the only person in the pacific northwest who knows how to properly plant leyland cyprus.
Yes, but you're not the only one who knows these trees are man-made hybrids, named after their inventor, these trees are incapable of procreating on their own and must thus first be farmed. Actually, I think the process is called preening.

So be it of no surprise to a customer when I quote them a high price to transplant such a tree, they can call you or they can call whoever they want because if anyone does it for less it means they know less to nothing about the species.

That having been said, beyond some initial frustration I really don't see a bs artist getting too far, too many things have been mentioned here that quite frankly I myself could give a rat about. For instance I don't need a Ph.d in horticulture to know there exists no such thing as a permanent weed solution, it gets to a point, who cares...

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