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Originally Posted by topsites View Post
That having been said, beyond some initial frustration I really don't see a bs artist getting too far, too many things have been mentioned here that quite frankly I myself could give a rat about. For instance I don't need a Ph.d in horticulture to know there exists no such thing as a permanent weed solution, it gets to a point, who cares...
Not to argue but throwing out a point. I'm going to school for this with emphasis in design/construction. Medically speaking from my recent physical the doctor's orders came down that I'm going to have to a career change, looking at another knee replacement this time in the right leg. So my long days of hard work are very limited. I'm hoping I can find and fit into one of the many different lines of landscaping. Instead of being a general laborer. It seems with alot of the companies around here is if you design it you build it, I think I'll be able to do that but I'm going to have to slow down and take frequent breaks thus losing a lot of productivity. So I got to rely more on knowledge instead of productivity which through my school I've learned a lot more then I have from in my past 3 seasons.

Off topic: can you guys give me a botanical name for leyland cyprus or is that it? Would like to do research.
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