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Bluegrass rhizomes are NOT stunted to a measurable degree by Pendimethalin. Soil temperature has a much greater impact on root & shoot quality than any of the dinitroanaline herbicides (when applied at labled rates). Trifluralin (Treflan, Team, TeamPro) is the most likely to cause root alterations but don't get too hung up on this either. Again, rate & soil temp's skew most field data to the point of being almost useless. We sell boatloads of Pre-M to America's "cool-season" Bluegrass sod producers so that you can purchase weed free Bluegrass Sod. Rhizomes are their bread & butter. If any of them were significantly concerned, they'd stop using pre's and the only ones that have, just don't have weed pressure. So they save the money if they can.
Drive does allow for agressive spring seeding successes. Just make sure you add a "Pre" to Drive since it only acts as a "Pre" itself for about 4 weeks. Not long enough in the Northeast anyway.

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