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Not a bad site. Here are some things to think about;<p>* What is the purpose of the site? Where will most viewers come from? Is this a supplemental form of marketing or a primary form? That is, are people going to go to this site as a result of another advertisement you put out or will they come directly from a link, search, etc. ? Whichever it may be, make your site target that audience. <p>For instance,we list our web site in our Yellow Pages ad, in our fliers, and on many of our signs. Thus, it serves as a supplemental form of marketing. People are going to go to our site to get MORE information. The first page they see is crucial. It needs to tell them what we do and where they can click for more information. Your site, as is, does the latter but not the former. At first glance, I really don't see what it is you do. I can tell it's something about properties but that's all. I'd have to click or scroll down to learn more. Many people won't do that. <p>Next, you have a great USM. But it should to tell people what you do. If you added &quot;Maintaining&quot; before your USM than you'd get a better point across. And people would instantly recognize what it is you do. &quot;Maintaining Your Property Is Our Priority&quot; is much more descriptive. <p>Under the company profile, the graphics are very difficult to read. I can't really tell what you are &quot;proud members of&quot;. I'd either get rid of the graphics and just replace them with words, or make them a lot easier to see.<p>One more thing, I always think a home page should not have to be scrolled down on. A home page is just a first look page. Most of the information should be available without scrolling down. You should intice them with a brief description and then suggest they click the links for more specifice. The links then lead to seperate web pages. <p>In your &quot;Services&quot; area consider adding more detail. Some &quot;average&quot; prices or a description of what your basic lawn care packages include. <p>This is crucial - tell people why they should choose you. What sets you apart from any other landscaping company in your area? Good service and professionalism is just expected these days. You need to have a hook. Something that tells them why you are better than the rest. Some extras perhaps that others don't offer. A statement of your reputation possibly. <p>Add letters of recommendation. See our site for examples. This is very handy. <p>There should be a main menu that's the same on every page. It can be on the left, bottom, top, or all of these. But you should be able to go to any of the main 5 or so pages from any sub page. Currently the main pages have such links but the pages like &quot;lawn care&quot; don't. The idea is people shouldn't have to use their &quot;back&quot; buttons. <p>Obviously, the main company logo needs work. There shouldn't be those smudges around the letters. They should be clear and crisp. That's just a result of the image being loaded into the Front Page the wrong way. Or the image being saved in a low quality format. Not too hard to fix. <p>Just a personal choice but I am not a big fan of links on a service company web page. If I were going to a web page to learn more about a service I was looking into (carpet cleaning for instance) I'd be looking for appearance, detail of their service, pictures possibly, and information about how long they'd been around, etc. But I wouldn't be interested in links to carpet cleaning related web sites. How boring. Anyway, not that links are bad. I just personally don't think a company web site should have them. For a hobby (poetry, juggling, sports, etc.) sure. Links are cool. <p>I wouldn't put any web page counters on the site unless you either 1) have a high amount of hits or 2) alter the hits artificially to make it look higher. You can get a free, decent looking web counter at and you can adjust the hit count on them. That is, you can tell them to display 10,000 plus whatever the true hit count is. Thus, when people visit your site, it may read 10,365 visitors. But you know it's really only 356. Point is, don't make people feel like their one of the only fools in town who have visited your web site. If you want to come off as a large company, then you want to make it seem like you get a lot of visitors. <p>One last thing. Currently, not too many people are going to the web to look up local landscaping and lawn care companies. So your site will be mostly for supplemental marketing. But you want to be prepared for the future. In the future, I believe a lot of people will be going to the web to find all sorts of services. You want to be ahead of the competition if you can. Getting listed high among search engines is a long and tiresome task but it is possible. I won't even begin to talk about it. But just realize that it's something you'll want to eventually work on. <p>Hope this helps. Any further questions please feel free to ask. I have gone through quite a number of upgrades to our company web page over the past several years. Finally, I have a page that I am pretty happy with. But it's taken a lot of work. So if I hope my suggestions help you get to that point a little sooner than I did. Good luck! <p>----------<br>Jim Lewis - Lewis Landscape Services<br>
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