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JimLweis had some good points. I would liek to respectfully disagree with a couple of them.<p>I would not put an &quot;average&quot; price for anything. MOst people think that their lawn is average. I had a guy want a price over the phone, and he told me that his lawn was average. Well, most lawns in his neighborhood are on half acre lots, and upon looking at his, it was on an acre, but he thought that it was average. <p>Instead of putting an average price, you could put something like Lawn Mowing starting at only $24.99 per visit. Something to that effect, and you guve them an idea of a minumum, but don't commit yourself to any price.<p>I also like to see some links on web sites. Think about who will be visiting your site, customers/potential customers. Make the links ones that they will be interested in. HOmeowners are not interested in linking to a forum that lawn care contractors are talking business on. Make the links point to other local non competing business, town homepage, local weather, pages with gardening tips, ect. I know that most of my customers would not find reading this site interesting, no offense Chuck.<p>Try changing the font, as yours is hard on the eyes. Comic Sana MS is popular, and a little eaiser on the eyes.<p>You have a good start, and are doing the right thing by getting feedback before putting your site out to your customers. I had mine out for a while, and told some people about it before puttint it to the public.<p>Check it out,
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