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Blue Dawn For Algea

I wish I knew. It seems that at one of the municipal courses the chemical buget was shot. The super wanted to use a wetting agent but had run out. He took the soap from a shop sink & added it to a tank mix to lower surface tension. Then he noticed the algea dying.
I can't vouch for the validity of the story. But I can recall the various members of the New York Metropolitan Superintendents Assoc. all raving over how it has worked.
Where I have followed the stories, the greens have all been older native soil push ups that have been top dressed with sand.
They've all used the Dawn in conjunction with Mancozeb at least.
Most have tried other detergents with no success and have gone back to the Blue Dawn.
Most of the really high powered Agronomy professors that I've bounced this off have shugged &/or laughed. I suppose it's not a big enough issue to attract the financial attention of the research coomunity. I do have a friend who is a very accomplished chemist (20+ patents), and I'll mention it to him & see if he can tell us why Dawn would work over others.
If nothing else, it is a bit funny.
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