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Wow,I am lost

For the past 7 or 8 years I have been doing strictly lawn mowing. It has been small commercial lots. It included cutting,trimming,and cleanups. Now I have decidd to expand a little,and I am bidding on a large factory site. I have the equipment to mow,trim,ect. The problem lies in the fact they will want it fertilized 3 times a year. They just seeded a field that is the size of about 3 football fields. They did this in the last part of Oct. the grass has come up well. I have no problem getting the equipment I need to do this(fert,spray,ect),but am a little overwelmed when reading everyone's posts on what to use,when,and how much.
My questions to you is
#1 In the state of Michigan,will I need to get a license?
#2 Should I be buying spreaders or sprayers for behind the tractor?
#3 What kind of pricing for service? I know how I will price the other.
#4What types of chemicals would you use on this type of property(especially the new part),and when?
I am sure I will have other questions over time,but enough overload. I would like to manage this large area so that I could suggest to them that it would be good to use for employees use,ie: picnics,ect. Any info would be appreciated. Thank you.
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