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Originally Posted by DingBat View Post
Glad I stumbled upon this forum/thread. I should pick up some of those tires, while I still can. The ones on my two POW-R-PRO's are very hard.

Here's what I use to keep the yard from reverting into a field:
1974 General Electric Elec-Trak E8m 36"
19(69-74?) General Electric Elec-Trak E15 42"
1964 Hahn POW-R-PRO 22"
1965 Hahn POW-R-PRO 22"

The 1965 Hahn developed a split in the aluminum deck that I'm going to get patched this summer, then have the deck powder coated.
Since the points burnt up on it, it's getting an electronic ignition upgrade as well to prevent that from happening in the future.
So you have two of them. I have to admit to being surprised that others besides me still have a Hahn Eclipse. But your report about the General Electric Elec-Tracs was even more surprising. I wasn't aware of that machine, so I looked it up and found this:
The fact is, my parents came from Schenectady but left before I was born in 1932. I went there after finishing high school in NJ in 1949 and worked in the GE factory during 1950 until I joined the Air Force. Never really returned there, but I had cousins who remained in Schenectady, so I had visited the place off and on over the next 40 years. However, I had never heard of the GE Elec-Trac, and if I had not found that website, I'd have a hard time believing there was such a contraption.

Well, good luck with the new tires.
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