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Equipment Repair Business

As a business owner, I'm always looking for that certain niche in the market to make some real money. Did a search last night thru my local 15 lb yellow pages and ran across these numbers: In my area I have aprox. 650 LISTED yellow page landscapers and only 25 LISTED repair facilities for outdoor power equipment. I've noticed that the POWER EQUIPMENT store that I deal with is ALWAYS backlogged with repairs. Could I be missing out on an opportunity? Just for ha ha's today..I called about 10 LISTED power equipment stores and asked them their hourly rate....average of $60.00 per hour! Not to shabby. Sure you have rent to deal with and other expenses, but the market is not saturated (Look at it this way..add 10 more landscapers to the yellow pages and it would be like finding that needle in the haystack, add 1 more power equipment store listing and you will at least be noticed). I did a search on this topic and the only thread I could find was about a year ago. This person was talking about a MOBILE repair facility to go to a homeowner or a contractors shop to repair equipment "ON-SITE". This sound like a great idea. You could purchase one of those CAB OVER LANDSCAPER BOX Vehicles and set up your entire shop inside! Just a thought and ALL comments are welcome for this post! Thanks Again!
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