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As mentioned before, soil temp is the key. For Crabgrass control, as well as a number of other weeds, the pre-em needs to be in place before the soil is 55-58. I am located in central Alabama, and I plan to start applying the 1st of Feburary. That might be a bit early, but with the number of customers that I service, I have to start then in order to have protection. I do a split application of pre-em, for several reasons. (In other words I apply 1/2 rate twice). The second application will get me through the Summer without too much problem.<br>Take a look at the Lesco spreader. Had mine for over 3 years, and it has done well. In fact I got lazy last year and bought one of their hydro units, and has it ever been a life saver. Pushing through Zoysia in 95 degree temps is not too much fun.
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