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In the year that I have been in this business, I have built a great relationship with my dealer. Stop by his house just to shoot the breeze, stop by his shop all the time, in fact today, him and I took a 2 hour ride up to Green Bay to pick up a piece of equipment for him to service (it's an old good friend of his), plus we got to check out the progress on the renovation of Lambeau Field. He's been in business for 13 years. He sells eXmark, Wright, and Simplicity, along with everything else as far as hand tools. Has 2 full time mechanics and a couple helper kids and his wife works there also.
Anyways, the moral to the story is he lives the same lifestyle as you and I. He's not getting rich, but living an average middle class lifestyle. The next closest eXmark dealer is an hour and a half any direction. The reason there are 100's of landscapers around is because there are 100's of 1000's of people needing that work. The reason there are so few dealers is because they can more than handle the amount of service work needed in the area for the amount of landscapers. Get my point. It is all the same as far as ratios of needed services for desired businesses and the amount of customer demand. He racks his brain and tries every angle to promote business just like you and I. The grass is not greener on their side. If you doubt me, I will give you his number and you can chat all you want with him.
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