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Simazine (cheapness) vs Barricade (quality) 1st round?

We all know Simazine is really cheap, but I am wondering if it is worth the money. Here's why, if your a little late with your second round of pre-emergents (Barricade or Dimension), the increase of new weed growth and spot spraying, will not make it as cost effective if you went straight with the Barricade in the first place.

One can have a more expensive app if it cuts down on call backs and spot spraying, that's a duh and back packing is a big time killer. However, if you go with Simazine first and then Barricade later, you are actually getting 2 pre-emergents. Is it worth it though?

Might even still do a split app of Barricade in rounds 2 & 3 instead of full rate or could go with Dimension for some post control.

Thanx guys

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