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I don't know if Manor will work on the Creeping Charlie as I don't deal with it here. I'll bet it would though since it works on many other creeping varieties such as buttonweed,dollarweed,dayflower, etc... I looked creeping charlie up and from what I can tell. Trimec Southern will work. It still has 24D and Dicamba in it, just at lower rates. I looked at Dismiss as the "magic bullet" for me beause of it being labeled for the sedges and many broadleaf weeds. However, it didn't cover enough of the broadleafs for me. It is not labeled for buttonweed in particular and I also have a problem with Bahia and Foxtail. For my purposes, Manor comes closer to being that magic bullet than Dismiss. The rates ar low. I use the .75oz per acre rate to cover all the weeds I need it to. The measuring cylinder that comes with it is in .0125 oz increments. I put .0375 oz in a 2 gal handcan, be sure to use surfactant. Cost is around $180 for a 1.5 oz bottle
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