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Pre-M for Crabgrass

Originally Posted by LawnDawg65 View Post
I think you are confusing the 2, we are basicly in th same zone. I use simazine now for winter grassy and broadleaf weed control, I use dimension for my crabgrass pre-emergent the first of March.
I am also using Simazine now 2nd app. did the first one in late Sept. early Oct. I also do a split app of the DG Aquacap for crabgrass. The fisrt treatment i am doing now and the second i will be doing in mid March to early April. You say you do your Crabgrass app the first of March. I am pretty new to this chemical stuff i am going off a chart my Lesco dealer gave me. Am i putting my app out to early and does Dimension do a better job?

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