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Re: quickbooks

Originally posted by GreenStar
does anyone use quickbooks like a small business edition? what about linking it to a version of turbo tax. what kind of customer info does it store.
I think you'll find a lot of people on here use Quickbooks. It has about 80% of the small business accounting software market.

As others stated, it might not maintain all the database information you want without add on programs, but as far as basic accounting, it should do the trick.

As far as the link to Turbo Tax, yeah, it works, but you have to have everything set up right (what goes where, etc.).

Also consider, once you have it linked to Turbo Tax, do you have any idea if the end product is right or not? You might want to save the money on Turbo Tax and tax your Quickbooks info to an accountant, it could go a ways towards paying your tax preparation bill and gives you benefit of a professional's expertise.
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