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NY Certification

Well, a good day for me.... I am a NYS DEC certified pesticide technician. If anyone has any questions about how it works in NYS, ask me in a PM so I don't miss it. Took the test about 7 hours ago. It was a new version. I took the 30 hour class, and put in about 60 hours of study time. I'm a pretty good test taker, and got a 90 on both the CORE and 3A,3b categories, if that gives you a handle on how much work/study is needed.

My instructor was right... if you just take the class and don't study, you will fail. The fail rate in NY state wide is 45%. My instructor says his classes have a 85% pass rate. Well, five out of about 40 failed the CORE test (all from my class) and I don't know how many failed the category test, but that was the more difficult of the two. I'll take a stab and guess that only about 28 out of about 40 passed this test on the 29th. There were some tough questions.

Not to scare anyone either, I could have picked which 5 were going to fail the CORE. The ones that nodded off, didn't take notes and obviously didn't study. I can still remember some of the tougher questions, so ask now, before I forget!
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