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Originally Posted by bill8379 View Post
Congratulations Whitey4 (if that's your real name )
Thanks, Bill. That's sort of a nick-name... based on my last name. My sis and I always call each other Whitey. Sure is a relief to get that out of the way. Still too wound up to crawl under the covers!

An apprentice applicator can apply a RUP with direct off site supervision by a certified applicator. That I knew. The curve ball? When an apprentice applicator applies a RUP at a grade school, what supervision is needed?
A. Direct off site supervision
B. Direct on site supervision
C. wrong
D. ridiculously wrong

Now, of the RUP's, only Merit can be applied by an apprentice with direct off site supervision. Other RUP's require on site supervision. Then the school curve ball. There are different laws regarding schools, but this one I had to guess at. But this is a state wide test, and Merit is only restricted here. I believe I got this one wrong. There were a few tough ones.

The open book test .... since it's timed, you have to be able to answer some, actually a lot of tough questions from memory or you won't finish in time. You can't look them all up.

How many generations does the Birch Leaf Miner produce in a season? Yeah, that one I had to look up. I'd say I had to look up about 15 questions.

What catepillar can travel long distances by wind? knew that one. Some of the answers to the open book category questions aren't found in a single line, or even paragraph. You have to read the whole entry on a bug or disease, and sometimes do that for three of the possible four pests that they list for answers. You can't study too much for this thing in NY.

Here is a funny story.... the first guy to turn in his CORE exam was told he had 33 out of 50 wrong! They were telling him he could come back in a month, yada yada... and he's like there's NO WAY I got that many wrong!

So, they hand check his test... and he has 9 out of the first 10 right. They gave us all new tests, but used the old scanner answer key in their computer! They had to hand grade everything. Government employees....
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