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Originally Posted by TomberLawn View Post
I'm torn between the "buy a big trailer" route and "get what you need." My dad had a 6x10 that we used to haul our Gator on and I started using it for my mower. When we bought a tractor, we had to get a bigger trailer to haul it on, so we got a 6.5x16. I love the extra space, and the longer, tandem axle trailer tows much better. All the room is handy when doing leaf clean ups when you have your mower, a couple blowers, grass/leaf catchers, fuel cans, rakes, and all sorts of other stuff on the trailer so you can load up the truck bed with leaves. I don't have any racks as of now, so that would certainly help with the floor space. The 6x10 would do fine for me if all I had was the zero turn and if I had some racks for trimmers/blowers. But, like most of the guys are saying, small trailers fill up fast. A 6x12 or 6.5x12 will be plenty for now and offer some room for expansion. I'd recommend the 6.5 width if you can get it in that length. The extra 6 inches isn't that much harder to handle on the road, but it means a lot when you're loading up equipment, especially if you ever get a 60" mower.
especially a 60" Lazer w/ultravac.....barely fits on my 6X14. wish i wouldve got a 7X16
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