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Sonoma 4.3 pulling a 6x12????

I currently own a 1991 gmc sonoma 4.3 litre my problem is that I need a new trailer and I want to buy a trailer that I will be able to use in the near future when I get my 250 psd. My question is will this trailer be to much for my truck. I do have alot faith in my truck because its not really like all other s-10's. It has helper springs and good size tires, It is the single cab with a longbed and it has a strong 4.3 which I think runs around 160-180 hp. The main thing that I am concerned about is stopping and the trailer pushing me down a hill swerving, also has anyone had any experience pulling a big trailer behind an s-10 or 1500 with the 4.3 hows the power???This trailer will be holding a 32" w/b and two 21"s also I bag almost all my lawns so the truck will most likely have a load of grass towards the end of the day.
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