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I used to have an 84 S10 excab 4x4,I towed my 18 ft tanden axle 5 ton trailer without any trouble at all.I didnt tow it much,but if my wfe,or helper had my 2500,or it was already towing something else,I pulled it with the S10,I have brakes on all 4 wheels,and with a load,it would stop in about the same distance as without the trailer.Mine only had a 2.8 MFI V6,but with 4.1o gears I pulled 6500 with it,no problem at all.I feel up to 4500 is ok for a tandem daily(temp)Just make sure the trailer has brakes,and hook them up,you'll be fine until you get the bigger truck.The biggest thing to watch is you tongue weight,with the S10,you cant load to the front of the trailer if its a heavy tow,like you can with the 2500,thats about all.
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