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I wouldn't say that I get burned out, but seems like every fall I get frustrated. I don't know what causes it, maybe the past 8-9 months of working long hours, customers wanting work done before winter, odd ball customers calling and only wanting one leaf clean up at the end of the year. Also the equipment has been working hard all season, without any breaks, and if it if going to give you troubles, that is when it will happen. <p>I get that way for a week or so, and want to sell it all, and go to work for someone else. I think of how noce it would be to put in your 8 hours, and forget about work till the next morning. I usually get my senses knocked back into me beofre I hand out the for sale sign though. I just wish that we could get just a little bit of a break throughout the season, instead of one big break at the end.
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