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Bobby your story sounds familiar. I bought one of those expediter type trucks. Hauling automobile parts from here to up in Canada to points in between. Some loads were 6000lbs+. Did it parttime for 3 years. Had to get CDL class 3 with hazmat. Was on call though 24hrs a day 7 days a week. But would come back right away to do yardwork. Talking about a pain!! Some of these trucking companies don't care how many hours you run long as you turn in a good log book. They get you out in the middle of nowhere and say you are going to sit if you don't take this 20 hr straight load without any sleep or rest. Sleeping in that truck and truckstops and taking showers there got old fast. They get you to drive to pick up a load without paying milleage or get you to take short loads that didnt pay much... I could go on and on but you get the picture. Hope things work out for you. I agree its hard to go to a regular job after being paid a good hourly rate like we are. One load I got paid me 1100$ from sc to london ontario canada. So on the long hauls you were paid good.Problem is once they get you out away from home they rarely will give you a load going toward your home until they get good and ready. Maybe 2 weeks. Maybe a month. They don't care. You end up driving home on your on. No money in that.<br>Charles<br>
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