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Okay, Here is my story on the whole thing. Started working for my dad 7 years ago doing purchasing at his company. Moved from Ohio to AL. for $6.00 hr. with the hopes of eventually making a whole lot more money and a better future. 5 years later and mounds of stress and friction between me and my dad I quit. By that time I was up to $8.50 hr.. Hardly a whole lot more money. The one thing working for my dad allowed was alot of liberties. We didn't punch a timeclock, if we were a little late it was okay, if we didn't have vacation it was extended to us, we could run errands through the day you get the picture. I didn't realize how nice this was until I went back to work for someone else. Everything was done by the book. I realize you have to have structure and order in a company but I guess I became accustomed to the freedoms I enjoyed working for my dad. I already had my lawn equip. so last summer I decided to quit my job and mow full time. It was great but I realized real quick that mowing full time was different than part time. Now I was out all day long in 95-100 degree days where before I was mowing 2-3 lawns in the evening (much cooler)after work. But It was great I had the freedom again and that over rode any of the bad things. By October I was ready for a break and contemplating selling everything. I think this was the same burnout that some of you guys experienced. But I knew for me I had to find a way to make it work, whether it be in lawncare or something else because I didn't want to go to work for someone else. The other dilemma I face is my wife. She would rather me be working 40 hours a week for some company with a guaranteed paycheck on Friday. She needs that security, and I guess I understand where she's coming from to a point. But I also know thats how most of us are trained to think all are lives and it's hard to break that cycle. Sometimes I even feel a little guilty this time of year when it's slow and I'm hanging around the house. <p>The bottom line is... Yes, I get burned out but I think it's better than the alternative. Theres not a job yet that I haven't gotten burned out in, I think you just have to find a way to work through it. Maybe it's making changes in your business that will freshen things up, maybe you need to get into another business I don't know. I get excited reading the articles in this forum. It helps me to know that other people face the same problems and dilemmas that I do. I get good info. and I try to apply it to my situation.<p>I know one thing I just dread the day I have to go to work for someone else.
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