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Hey, I'll have you know I am an OSU Beaver - never a U of O Duck. I wouldn't let my worst enemy attend that hippy commy-lib sorry excuse for school.

Anyway, I just enjoy bugging Nebraskans about it ever since my trip to Colorado. My in-laws live in the NE Corner of CO, near Nebraska and as we traveled into Nebraska one day my brother in law made a point to tell me, "Now I just gotta warn you. When we get into Nebraska don't make fun of the Corn Huskers. Nebraskans take that stuff really seriously. You'll piss somebody off if you mess with them."

Well, if you know me, that's like telling a kid to stay away from the cookies on the counter. I had to do it just to see the reactions. I had a blast with it! So ever since I've had to mess with Nebraskans. So I was just messin with ya, in fun.
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