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David,<p>Here in Atlanta you can get an enormous amount of business doing aeration on warm season turfs(bermuda, zoysia, centipede). Get in the mid to upper neighborhoods and have a ball. There are people here that just do aeration and top dressing. They work only about 20 weeks of the year!! I suggest offering it to your customers, make up aeration fliers, and signs for telephone poles. Try to schedule your aerations on Saturdays this spring, and you won't believe how many homeowners will flag you down and ask that you do their yard. It's that keeping up with the Jones' mentality that many people have here in Atlanta. I aerate warm season turfs during all of April, all of May and it tails off at the begining of June. Charge about $50 a lawn. But most importantly, make sure your customers water their lawns heavily the night before you come. Otherwise, you will pull up plugs the size of bottle caps. I hope this helps. You know how to reach me if you have any other questions. Man, I am getting eager for the spring!!
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