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Sure can do areations in the spring. A lot of people don't know (don't believe) that great spring lawns begin in the fall, and they want areated in the spring. Good for business.<p>Spring is a great tome to market to those that did not get areated in the fall. It is like getting a second chance to sell to them. <p>I have heard conflicting storied about this, so I would like to hear what you guys have to say regarding spring areation and pre-emergents. I have heard that you should not areate after a pre-emergent is applied as it forms a barrier, and the areation poks holes in it and makes it less effective. I heard that areation should be done beofre a pre-emergent is applied. <p>Now, the ones that said you could areate after a pre-emergent application are the big fertlizer copanies. Now, do we take their advice as experts, OR are they just saying that so that they don't have to make a return trip to appily pre-emergent after you areate???
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