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steven--my response to your question will probably be much different than what the larger operators with lots of crews will give you. I am a small operation and can't afford to work by the hour. If I did, I'd have to ask $30 to $75 a man hour because that is what I can easily make pricing by the job, not by the hour. that includes mowing and other rough work. I'd rather just do lawn care but it has it's ups and downs and is week by week for me. I get lots of offers for weedeating banks, cutting brush, cleaning gutters, etc., and I never turn down a job. however, I price it by the job. I price jobs as high as I think the market will bear. too high? you wont get the job. too low? you beat yourself up over being dumb enough to lowball. if the job requires anything extra like hauling to the dump and paying a fee, my price doesn't include the dump fee.<p>lately, I've had a lot of luck asking the customer what they want to pay for the job and were they happy with the price they paid for the same job before. often they'll say they paid the same or more than I was gonna ask.. at that point you just price the job the same and explain that you don't want them to pay more than they are used to paying.<p>this philosophy has worked for me and there is still room for you to take a lowball job when you don't have anything on the schedule. people that need work done appreciate you for being reasonable, timely and dependable. they'll give your name out all over the place if they feel good about you! good luck<p>Geo
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