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You know this is the most painful part of the commercial lawn service business. That we may never be paid what we are worth. What Doctors base their pay on is there previous education to be able to diagnose you. There office expenses. There insurance. When I look at a job. In a perfect lawn service world. We would base our price not on that one job. But what time and money it takes to be an efficient, dependable, day after day, week after week, year after year, lawn service company. I don't think anyone in this business(owner operators) just jumps on their mower every day and cuts grass and then quits. There are so many other things you have to do every week and sometimes every day to keep things operating. So many other expenses. Most anybody can do a half**s job cutting grass. But not everyone can do a great job consistently. What doctors spend on there education we over the years we will spend on equipment and other expenses. I price lawns by the Job and then just do them as fast as I can. To get my internal hourly rate. Its the low ballers around here that keep us from reaching our potential. Some companies even name their businesses &quot;price breakers&quot; Go figure. We are controlled by the market somewhat. But I wont lower my prices much at all to get a job. I just rather park it. Than work for monkey change. Our luck is that there are many people out there that has an idea what it takes to run a business.<br>Charles<br>
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