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i agree with mwhc. i did a study on ammonia in female dog urine. and found out that if the food that is fed to the dog has a high protein content (nitrogenous compound)in it. the urine will burn the turf. i found that if i changed the diet of the dog (fed him a food with much lower % of meat products, that the burns were less. look on the lable it will list the meat bi-products in a % form.&quot; can&quot; food has a high % of meat. also the first pee of the morning is the strongist. see for yourself eat a 34 oz.piece of prime rib and take a leak in the morning. STINK ! take the dog out before night and at bed time you will notice the change in the burns. <p>questions like this realy help us thanks to tNt. check my question on 1/15 about leaf wetness any replys. <p><br>
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