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Highpoint, Eman, This job is too big for both of us separately but together we can make some good money, it's close to home and it is relatively new.

HBFOX, I think about saying no alot and this is not one of those times.

My personal doctor is one of the board members and he gave me the general range at which the last years bids were. As in my original post I only do this part time. The HOA wants it done in one day and I don't work on sunday. Saturday is the only day I have with my wife and the new baby is due on Apr 9th.

The beauty of this agreement is that my friend has a 3 man crew and he wants me to only mow, not weed not fertilize and no cleanups. I charge hourly for both of the mowers I use and walk away until next week. I lost a contract at the end of last season that made $280 per month, this will be $300-400 and about 1 more hour per week.

This info is important to me ....keep it comin'

Rick's Lawncare Services
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