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Barkleymut, I haven't run across any situations where I thought it was a disadvavtage having the Edgit on my trimmer. But bear in mind I keep another trimmer without the Edgit attachment. I use it for cleaning off ditch banks and areas that have big woody stemmed weeds and brush(usually keep a flail cutter head or brush cutter blade on it). I'm fixing to buy another Shindaiwa and install an Edgit on it also, but I'll always keep at least one trimmer without the Edgit attachment.<p>The Edgit replaces the safety guard that comes with your trimmer. It doesn't have a cutter to cut your line to length. You'll have no problem telling how long your line is by the sound of the line and the load on the motor. The only trick to using the Edgit is getting used to it, which takes very little time. Once you're used to it, it will feel weird trying to use a regular string trimmer head.<p>----------<br>Doc Shank<br>
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