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I had this problem.I have a part time business. In 1997 I had one helper that was with me for two years.Things were looking good I was growing.I talked things over about the future with my helper so we both would have a better understanding of each others plans.He agreed to continue with me.I took on five new customers for the 98 season.I knew of another guy that worked only 40 hrs for another landscaper(out of my area)that needed extra cash.He agreed to work all the hours he could,which was going to be around 20 per week.My regular job was going full blast,they were pushing for 55 hrs.Spring clean-up started,my regular helper never showed up.The new helper worked one day and had a fight with his girlfriend and moved back home.I found out that my other helper was haveing problems with his family.I was left with 40+ hours of mowing and all the other work.I finally found a guy that only wanted to work part time durning the day because he had a part time business that involved nights and weekends.I was desperate so I gave him a crash course in lawncare,my way.He had never run a commercial mower.It was a tough season,we made it through it.I had to do a lot of explaining to my customers.Every day the phone would ring with him on the other end with concern about something.When the season was over I made up my mind to go it alone in 99.I cut my business in half.I think I will end up better on the bottom end after taxes even thoue 99 was a dry season.<br>
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