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Commercial insurance on a vehicle and a trailor ran for me about 120$ a month. 300000/500000$ something like that. Not really affordable for a lawn service business. I went back to regular insurance. On the vehicle. Commercial on the trailor. Somethings would be nice to have, but what can you do. I went 2 insurance companies. Both ask me if it was for personal use. I was told that even people pulling boats should have commercial insurance. But we all know that most don't. I was told you must list your trailor and the equipment on the trailor. In order for it to be covered. This means of course that its going to cost more. Just pray you don't have an accident. I hired a guy who did have an accident so this is from personal experience. I had commercial insurance on the trailor at the time. It was covered. The truck had regular insurance and it was covered. The tractor on the trailor was not listed and it was not covered.<br>Charles<br>
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