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General liability insurance should be in place before you set foot on anyones property to do any type of work. General lialibity policies for a one man operation that does basic work such as mowing, but no dangerous work(pesticides, tree work, underground/excivation) is not all that expensive. I think that when I first started, it was in the heighborhood of $300 per year for $1,000,000 coverage. You can also get an optional inland marine rider that will cover your equipment. You can choose the amount of coverage you want and also the deductibles. Your general liability will cover damage to others property/person caused by you/your machinery, but not pay for damage to your mowers from an accident/theft/fire. That is why you need an inland marine attachment. <p>Most (all?) inland marine policies will have a set limit that no one item can exceed. For example: if you have a $10,000 policy, with no one item to exceed $500, and you have a claim for your ZTR or walk behind, they are only going to give you $500. Larger items have to be scheduled. That is, they want a copy of your recipt/pictures/serial numbers, ect. for items that cost more than your scheduled amount. Some insurance co's will let you change the limits of scheduling.<p>You definatly want to make sure that you have BUSINESS AUTO on your trucks. If you only have normal personal coverage, and you are in an accident during the course of doing business, THEY WILL NOT PAY. I know this, because it happened to a friend of mine. He was cancelled, and had to go through a huge mess and pay huge amounts for his new insurance. <p>Call around and tell the agent/broker what you are doing, and they will tell you what you need. Be honest, if you are going to do tree work, or plow snow, this may increase your premiums, but it is worth it. Insurance companies have a lot of money, more than you, and can find out what you are doing, and cancel you if you are not telling them.<p>If you are going to have people working for you, you will need workers compansation insurance. This will cover your help if they are hurt on your time. <p>ANother good thing to look into is an umbrella policy. This covers any gaps in your other policies. If your limits are excedded, your umbrella policy kicks in.<p>Bottom line is, talk to a few agents, and tell them everything you do, and be honest. Tell them if you use employees, subcontractors, ect. They do this every day, and know what you need and don't need.
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