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Im in CT, my GL policy runs me $575 per year including $1,000,000 coverage and $7000 for listed equipment theft coverage(they only pay cash value for equip less 500 so I figure thats enough, wont ever cover trimmers and other small stuff so be sure to chain it up in the truck) Covers landscaping and &quot;street cleaning&quot; which means plowing. Business auto runs $1200 per year, includes plowing, 300k single limit with collision and comp. $250 deductible on all. If you hit someone with a plow, or something happens to your trailer while going to a job and you dont have a commercial auto policy you are S-C-R-E-W-E-D!!! The GL covers you if your mower puts a stone thru someones window or skull, also covers your slip-and-fall cases.<p>Two things my policy requires, one it doesnt cover collapse so I cant do trenching or stuff like that, and Im limited to $10,800 annual payroll. Also all subcontractors need to submit an ACORD form to me, and Im audited every March to ensure I have payroll under the limits and have all the sub's insurance forms.<p>My homeowners policy only covers $2500 of business equipment so I needed the rider. <p>Bill
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