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A little help my wife got busted doing 97 in a 65 mph zone lets say that hurts on insurance. But It makes very little differct with a com. policy you pay more for bad driving record on personal. SO your rates for your vechile will most likely drop in price. As far as trailer it needs its own policy under com. INS. its not covered by the tow vechile but the cost is little. As far as equipment like a lot og guys have already said it falls in a policy called inland mairne just make sure you insure it at what it will cost to replace it. And higher ins. is always better. It may cost a little more but if your a sole or parnter company anything that happens could cost you for the rest of your life. So a little higher ins. is well worth it cost. A guy I had a yard with his driver lost control of the truck hit 3 cars then took out a fence and a hugh chunk of a tree before stopping. Total cost for that acceindt was $300,000 plus a couple of law suites includeing one from the state since the fence and tree he hit was state property. They said the tree was some old histirc tree that had some hugh value and so fore well he was under ins. and lost his company. Forced auctuion by the courts. He wishes he had a little higher ins. policy now. So you never know spend a little extra its well worth it. Goood luck.
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