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I would strongly advise everyone to go over ther policy every year at least(with their agent) and make sure everything is covered and covered how you want. Ive been in buisness for about 8 years now and I use to renew my policy without looking at it. 2 years ago I was bored and started going through it and noticed that it EXCLUDED snow removal activities. I specifically asked for it (Ive been plowing since the start of my co.) as it turned out It was an oversight that should have been in but what a mistake that could have been. Also, in regards to equipment, most equipment is NOT under replacement value unless you specifically ask for it. Ask for it. It might be a little more expensive but if your in this for the long haul its worth it. Suppose one of your drivers has an accident that totals everything he carrying. 15k truck, 3k trailer,(2)10k riders, 3k walkbehind, 2k misc.=43k! You may only receive 15-20k from insurance. Would you be able to put up the rest of the money to keep from losing your clients? But with replacement value you would get all brand new equipment. Hope this helps.<br>Mark
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