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Good idea to tighten up the loop. I did that several years ago. <p>We have a little over 100 accounts right now. 60% are within a mile of my house (because I flier the snot out of the surrounding areas) and the other 40% are within 10 miles or less. I work 3 cities, but they are all very close to one another. They really just blend together. They are 3 suburbs in SW Portland. But I stick to my guns. I have drawn the line as to where we service. Anyone outside those lines gets referred to one of my landscaping buddies in that area. <p>Keep as close to home as possible. It helps in more ways than I can list. Save on drive time obviously. Also, it's a lot easier to collect payments, go address needs of customers personally, and give estimates in a timely manner if they are close by. <p>----------<br>Jim Lewis - Lewis Landscape Services<br>
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