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Well here in Pittsburgh, we don't measure distance in miles, but rather minutes. You may only want to go a few thousand feet, but you have to cross over bridges, through tunnes, across railroad tracks, over and under passes as well. <p>I am out in the suburbs, and have my route trimmed to about a max drive of 15 minutes from home. I had some accounts that were about 20-25 minutes, but gave them up, and picked up some more around home. <p>This coming season I am trimming a bit more. I hope to have a circle 10 minutes from my house. I do have a cemetery that is about a 20 minute drive each way, but since that takes a bit of time, I don't mind the drive. I will usually do it forst thing, or last thing. That way, I simply leave a bit early, or get home a little later, no big deal.<p>With a 10 minute radius, I will have a max drive time of 20 minutes, but that would be rare, because I plan my route efficently.
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