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When I discuss Spring Clean-Ups with potential clients I inform them that there is more than just picking up sticks in preperation for the season.

In our particular area, I quite often will have snow mold that needs to be removed.

I let them know that the bed edges will be cut or re-established for a crisp clean edge that can later be maintained with a line trimmer.

There is also the edging of pedestrian and vehicular pavements, curbs, and tree rings.

This is also the time of year when the debris and leaves is hand picked from the crotches of plants and shrubs. I will be providing them with a TOTAL clean up.

One thing that I try to do is keep the services seperate when proposing the costs to them. I give them a price for mulch, power raking, clean-up, fert., lime individually that way they can gage what they are receiving and the costs thereof.

Kind of an apples to apples thing. This way if Mow-N-Go LCO from the down the street offers them a price they can compare what he wont do compared to what I will.
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