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At the publishing company i work for, we use a 95 Chevy G-30 with a 14 foot Supreme box. This truck sure makes our life a lot easier when we go to deliver published materials. We can back up to docks and walk right out of the back of the truck and onto the dock while we are unloading. The only disadvantages i really see with using a box truck in the lawn and landscape business would be the height of the floor in relationship to the ground. I guess a good set of ramps would solve that. One other thing, i know power equipment tends to emit a gasoline odor, and will you be carrying gasoline cans in the box truck? Our truck has a pass-through door from the box to the cab, and it's not an air tight seal. I've gone to the gas station before in our box truck to get gas for our forklift. Well, I tied the can down in the back..went over and got gas. On the way that gas smell was strong. Luckily it was only a mile and a half back to work. These are just a couple things for you to think about. Hope this helps you out.:blob3:
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