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I have a door at the front cab. I made the whole section including the door. The outer perimeter of it is 3 inches thick and the door is 3/4 or 5/8 of an inch thick. I used carrage (sp) bolts to mount the swinging lock hasp. Any way, it'll take alot of work to get in through there. I also have so much stuff stored at the front that it would be very tough to get anything anyway. Also, if you need to haul off any debris, then bring your trailer I also had some curved aluminum ramps that weren't quite long enough. I ordered one additional ramp and had it cut in half and welded to the other ones. I use a jack stand under each ramp for strength. Hope this helps with your decision.
A member here Named Cantoo also uses a box truck. He has his set up with a folding door that works like a ramp. I have tried emailing him a couple of times to find out just how it was done, but he has never responded to my emails.:blob4:
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