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I bought a commercial Toro with the Suzuki engine in 1987, it was the best 21&quot; mower I ever had. Then we were using a 21&quot; exclusively. In a couple of years we put well over 2000 hours on it with no trouble other than the transmission. After we started using bigger equipment I saw no need to buy a $900 21&quot; mower, but in 1995 I decided to buy another one. We barely used it and had numerous problems. It was not set up properly by the dealer, but managed to get that straightened out. It, however never had the power or performed like a $900 mower should. In fact its value to me wasn't a 1/4 of that. I think just like everyone else, Toro, once they decided there sales were good enough slacked on the quality control. <p>Maybe you will get a good one and if you really need a 21&quot; $579 is not a bad price. But if you don't really use a 21&quot; that much, don't waste your money, buy a 36&quot;.
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