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Richard, <p>I dunno about bad trannies in Hondas. They seem to hold up pretty well for us. Maybe you are referring to the residential models. We have had problems with the trannies in those. But rarely with the commercial ones. <p>As for being heavy, up hills, yah, they are. But almost all the lawns we maintain in Oregon are relatively flat. We have 2 houses with inclined front yards and that's about it. If we had a lot of hills, I'd probably get a lighter mower too for those. They are heavy, I agree. But we never notice because they drive themselves so well. <p>As for ruts in the lawn, I don't really get much of that. Of course, when we mow in the rain there are ruts, but that happens with any mower. And it's always temporary. 2-3 days and they're gone.
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