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I instituted a new policy in the fall, all accounts 30 days past due are assessed a $5 per service &quot;rebilling fee&quot; and accounts 45 days or more subject to suspension of services. The four who balked are habitual late-payers anyhow, and three of them agreed to pay in advance this coming year. Havent heard from the fourth but wont matter much not a high volume/gravy job.<p>All services are due when done, about half are sent &quot;courtesy billing&quot; at the end of the month since its not always practical to be paid when you mow. If I dont see a check by the 15th I call them, you should too. Dont be shy, if your late with a car payment, or the check is lost in the mail the bank will call you they dont want it to get too far behind. <p>Bill
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