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I have few things on sub-contracting, might help ..<p>1. Make sure the sub is insured, get a certificate of insurance (directly) from the insurance company, that proves insurance is in force, otherwise you will be liable for sub problems for damage. Some subs have been known to actually &quot;forge&quot; insured dates, (using white out)and faxing it to you .. so that's why you should make contact with the subs insurance agency &quot;directly&quot; .. and be notified if insurance later expires. Also, &quot;insurance wise&quot; is sub allowed to and be covered as a subcontractor?<p>2. Non-competing subs are best, someone who has no connection whatsoever to your customer<br>base. Look in Yellow Pages under trucking, welders, pavement contractors, painters and so on. <p>As an alternative, have a direct competitor assist you with work whereas you could take his or her customer base as easily as they could take yours!<p>3. Non-compete agreements are tough to enforce and win at in &quot;court&quot; if you have to.<br>Very expensive &quot;lawyer wise&quot; and hard to prove even if you have it in writing .. plus if you have to go to court, that might involve testimony or evidence (invoices etc) from the customer .. which in turn will damage customer relations.<p>Nilsson.Associates@Snet.Net<p><p>----------<br>Phil Nilsson<p>
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