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After reading every post in this entire thread I just wanted to say...

You are a very blessed man. Your parents did a great job teaching you how to be a man/businessman. Your education has obviously helped you tremendously. I believe that God has his hand on you as well.

You seem driven and very well organized. You must have a great sense of cost vs. what you can sell jobs for in order to do these jobs and make enough $$ to pay off all the equipment you have. It takes a certain level of intelligence AND sheer guts to do jobs on this level.

You must also have great skills with hiring and managing people.

Your finished work looks fantastic.

I only wish that after 8 years of doing this I was at your level.

Your attitude is fantastic as well. There were a few times when folks came into this thread and said some pretty useless things and you responded with tact showing again how positive you are. Good job.

I have great respect for you as a young man.

Can I come intern for you?

Thanks for the employee manual. I've changed a few things to make it my own but other than that I pretty much stole it. You did a fantastic job on it.

I'm envious and jealous of your success and accomplishments, I need to go pray.

Thank you for this thread. It's motivated me.

I'm proud of you.

Ps 23:1-2
The LORD is my shepherd, I shall not be in want. He makes me lie down in GREEN PASTURES
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