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Well thanks Scott! Family, experience, luck and God have helped me quite a bit your could say!

-Not to mention Mark's guidence.......haha. Many evenings of my summer I spent with a hand full of Mapquest directions from him and a watering truck. I was living large, all $9hr of it! The best part was one week my check was bigger then my supervisors because of my hours......he didn't really like that haha. Don't worry, it all went to rent while I was at VT.

The handbook is compiled of several handbooks. I added and deleted to fit me and as you have done so for yourself. Its all pretty generic stuff, just a matter of adding what you need here and there for your particular company.

BTW, I'm getting old.......I'll be 24 in less then two weeks . Time to head off to my first home show, this should be interesting.........4 days long. I'll post some pictures later.

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