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17 a bag?, I'd shop around, you may be able to find it cheaper, or get with a few people in the area and do a bulk purchase to get a better discount. Lesco also offers contract pricing based on your useage expectations. 14 would be a more realistic fiqure. <p>at 17.00 a bag it cost you 1.36 per 1000 square feet, meaning it would cost you 32.64 in product, not counting any over spread, like in the street or beds, I always add 5 to 10% to account for that. But keep in mind when pricing, use your most expensive treatment for calculating material costs if you are charging the same for each app. I try to use 3.00 per 1000 Sq.Ft. plus a 25.00 stop charge, which would put you around 97.00 for 24K of turf, this still leaves you a little leeway for free service calls if needed.<p>Good Luck!
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