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I used to be a big fan of Bob-Cat. I had a 54&quot; walk behind that was a great mower. They had a mower in the early 90's called a TwinTrac, kind of an early mid mount when there was not much else out there. I had every intention of buying a ZT200 but the longer I waited the more mowers came out. <p>Just before I went to buy my ZTMax, I went and looked at the Bob-Cat again. The warranty just couldn't match the warranty of other mowers. Even the new dealer suggested their warranty could be improved and talked to a rep to see what they could do. He told them that I and several others had showed an interest but had been turned off by the warranty. The rep told him they could possibly add a year to the wheel motors if it meant a sale. I don't think I would want a warranty extension like that, it would be hard to prove if you needed to use it. <p>They are not overly popular in this area, and dealers come and go. The last dealer said they had problems getting warranty work paid for. I also met a guy that had one that was about two years old. He said he loved it, except for the crack in the deck. He had talked to everyone about getting it fixed but it had been brushed aside so far. And that is one of their big things, &quot;No Deck Crack&quot; warranty. He was a little more understanding than I would be. I would have a big problem with a company who would not fix that.<p>I really hope that Textron can get Bob-Cat straightened out.
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